Tides on your Palm

I think we all appreciate getting the Sandy Hook tide tables in our January newsletter. What could be more convenient that having a full year’s worth of tide information on a single sheet of paper? Well, I think I may have found the answer to that question! I recently downloaded "Tide Tool" to my Palm Pilot hand held computer. This amazing program computes tides and currents from a worldwide database of over 6100 locations.

For each location, it provides either a graphical or tabular display of tides and currents for the day, and can display any day covering the years 1998 to 2031

The user can tap the graph to get a prediction for a specific time and date and select the units of tide height and current speed. It also displays times of sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moon set and moon phases.

I checked it today against Debbie’s’ printed tide table. Each day I chose agreed within one minute of the printed Sandy Hook tide table.

Best of all, it is available free from: http://www.toolworks.com/bilofsky/tidetool.htm

Don’t leave home without it!

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