Although the Standard is copyrighted, and we cannot provide a copy here, we have summarized the major requirements of the standard. For critical decision making, be sure to refer to the actual Standard, which can be ordered from ASQ on-online.

5 Management responsibility

5.1 Management commitment

The Standard recognizes that an effective quality program requires the involvement and commitment of the organizationís top management. Therefore, the Standard assigns top management the following responsibilities:

5.2 Customer focus

Top management must ensure that customer requirements are understood and met with the goal of improving customer satisfaction.

5.3 Quality policy

The quality policy identifies the main goals of the QMS. The quality policy must be:

5.4 Planning

5.4.1 Quality objectives

Establish measurable quality objectives that support the quality policy and communicate them throughout the organization.

5.4.2 QMS planning

Plan the QMS so that the quality objectives are met and so the system continues to work as it is changed to incorporate improvements.

5.5 Responsibility, authority and communication

5.5.1 Responsibility and authority

Effective work depends on a clear understanding of each persons responsibility and authority. Therefore responsibility and authority must be defined and communicated.

5.5.2 Management representative

Top management must appoint a manager to have ongoing operational responsibility for the QMS. This person is referred to as the Management Representative. The duties of the Management Representative include:

5.5.3 Internal communication

Top management needs to set up an effective system of communication to ensure effective operation of the QMS.

5.6 Management review

5.6.1 General

Top management is required to regularly review certain aspects of the QMS to make sure that the goals are being achieved and to look for ways to improve the QMS. The review must cover suitability, adequacy, and effectiveness of the QMS. The review also includes assessing opportunities for improvement and needed changes to the QMS, quality policy, and quality objectives. Records of these review must be kept.

5.6.2 Review input

These meetings must address the following areas:

5.6.3 Review output

These reviews result in decisions and actions related to:

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